2 slaves are merging to spi master 1 spi1

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I am using wi.mx51 development board, i am trying to communicate spi with my slave device.

I am accessing spi driver1.1 from userspace. it’s running fine, but

-> Powermanagement IC using spi 1.0 driver
-> i am using spi 1.1 driver

Whenever i am sending data from processor, cs=0, clk, data sending but in output junk data is coming.

when i probe to MISO of slave, it is different to output of MISO of processor.

i found out one difference :
chip select of power management IC (SPI 1.0) is also getting high, when i send data to slave (SPI 1.1).

Both are different chipselect, then how that spi1.0 is affecting ?

unfortunately it is not possible at this time with Netos 7.2 and even with latest Netos 7.5. Digi is planning a release in Q2 of next year that will most likely add this feature.