one wire driver regards

I am trying to communicate one wire device(ccwmx51js as master and DS2431 as slave device). I took the steps mentioned in the help contents for one wire protocol as reference.

Master device : Freescale MXC 1-Wire Bus Master.
Slave device : 1kb EEPROM family support(DS2431)for slave.
I followed these steps,
After booted with configured kernel,I loaded the slave device first by using
modprobe w1_ds2431
after that I loaded master device by using
modprobe mxc_w1

Slave driver doesn’t create any attributes in the sysfs directory.
Master driver creating some attributes in w1 bus master
>I attached the screen shots of the results I am getting.
>I don’t know where I am going wrong.
>Can you give me the solution.