2 Zigbee PRO S2 + Arduino codes

i have 2 Zigbee PRO S2, I set one as coordinator, another one i set it as router and Both of them are in API mode. Then i connect them to two separate arduino. Router sends successfully to the coordinator.
However, the coordinator Frame data show
Frame data [0] is 0x0
Frame data [1] is 0x13
Frame data [2] is 0xA2
Frame data [3] is 0x0
Frame data [4] is 0x41
Frame data [5] is 0x2
Frame data [6] is 0xEC
Frame data [7] is 0xC9
Frame data [8] is 0xDD
Frame data [9] is 0xE2
Frame data [10] is 0x2
Frame data [11] is 0x33
Frame data [12] is 0x28
Frame data [13] is 0x9A
Frame data [14] is 0x43
Checksum is C9

From what i know, Start of API command is 0x7E but why my frame data show 0x0?? Can anyone help me figure out?
Is it my Zigbee configuration problem or Arduino codes problem?

Sorry for my poor English!

You skipped reading the rest of the data. You are reading only part of the packet.

So is my arduino codes have problem? thats why i only read part of the packet??
Thanks for ur fast reply!

Yes, it is your code on your Arduino that is where the issue is.

is there any example for this arduino codes?
Thx for ur fast reply!

There are samples on various Arduino forums. You can also find several Lib files that will do this for you already created on several web site devoted to the Arduino. Just do a Google Search for Arduino and XBee and you should find them.

Thx U very much!(: