20 XBee Series 1, would there be data collision or interleaving?

Hello everyone,

We are using XBee Series 1 in a design where 20 dsPIC microcontrollers send a 65-character long packet continuously to the main computer, and the data is parsed on the computer. We’re using the AT mode and just add our own tag (ID) at the beginning of each packet for parsing purposes (security is not a big issue).

We haven’t finished the 20 units, so I tested the idea with 2 XBee’s transmitting to the computer’s XBee and monitored the results in X-CTU’s terminal. No collision/interleaving so far!

Should I worry about future when we have 20 mobile units transmitting to the main computer’s XBee? How does this network of XBee’s take care of data collision/interleaving?

Also, I was wondering what are the benefits of switching to Series 2?


Hi Xbee Series 1 module supports 802.15.4 and DigiMesh 2.4 protocols, where Xbee Series 2 Supports Zigbee protocol. If you are using series 1 module with 802.15.4 configuration, then it can support point to point or point to multi point topology only. Zigbee will also provide Zigbee Mesh Topology along with More network security. Multihop network can be formed with ZigBee and it can support maximum data packet size of 255bytes. You can also route the data to increase the communication range. Over the Air firmware upgrade is possible, even remote AT command also can be sent.