25 x PortServer® TS Hcc MEI to 1 PortServer

I have a rather strange application that needs a solution.

I have an 25 single RS232 inputs that all need to be transferred over to TCP/IP.

I require 25 PortServer® TS Hcc MEI single port devices.

Then then all need to send information to 1 PortServer that will output the data back into RS232.
9600 Baud
7 Data Bits
1 Stop Bit
No Flow Control.

Can another PortServer be used for this final transmission i.e. going from TCP/IP to RS232.


All models of the PortServer TS should be able to accomplish what you are trying to do. The only question would be do you need the Hcc model of the PortServer TS for any specific reason? The Hcc model has things done to it so it can resist moisture and his hardened for temperature.

You would want to contact our Sales department for an explanation on the differences between the various PortServer TS’s. They can be reached by calling 877-912-3444, option 2.

its need to be in a refrigerated stores down to -25

So to check you could take 25 Single Ports servers transfer the data across a TCP/IP backbone to 1 Port server and then use 1 port server to transfer the data back into 1 RS232 data stream…

If that’s true I’ll get some on order so we can test asap…

Sorry, I miss read the original question. What you are trying to accomplish isn’t possible with the PortServer TS product. There would not be a way to concentrate 25 connections down to 1, since the PortServer TS can only handle 4 port sharing connections at one time. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

So how does 1 port server transfer its data accross the nework.

I presumed you would give it and IP address subnetmask and a destination address?

Hello. Can you tell me the basis of its comminications.

Could all 25 not send their data to 1 IP address and then I have a controller to do the work…

Possible use a good quality switch forced to store and forward to limit the traffice to the final controller.

I may have found a controller on a robotics site that would work.

Please get back to me asap so I can get some test equipment.


OK done quite a lot of resaerch and found I’ll need a server running a memory stack and run virtual comms.

Quite easy but an added PC will be needed…

Gopt another question, but I’ll start a new topic…