RS232 over TCP/IP


I’m new to port server, but after I know it can transfer rs232 information over tcp/ip, I found it’s very useful device for my application. In fact, we have an application to collect all the machine status base on port server. The logic is every machine connecting to port server via rs232 link, then the port server connecting to application server via tcp/ip lan. But currently the application should create many virtual com ports for each port on port server and query the machine status from all those virtual com ports. I hands on this application only few days. And I think this is not a good way to collect information like this, so I try to rewrite the application. The basic logic of my new application is collecting all the rs232 signal and mapping it into tcp/ip ports. The new application will fetch the information base on communication with tcp/ip ports not virtual com ports.

The problem is coming, I have no knowledge about how the port server makes rs232 information transfer over tcp/ip and what’s the data format of it. If I can convert it to map to tcp/ip ports? That’s why I’m here to ask help from you all. If there is any document talking about it? Is there anyone has any idea about it. And I would appreciate for your voice. Thanks all in advance.

Hello Robin,

As you have noted below one of the easiest ways to use the PortServer products is to use the RealPort driver. If you would prefer to make a direct TCP/IP connection to the PortsServer’s serial ports, then you will need to address to the application to the IP of the Digi. Then if the Base port address is 2000 (Default) the serial port #1 is available at 2001, port 2 is at 2002 for TELNET style connections. If you prefer binary(RAW) connections use 2101, and 2102 for accessing the serial ports.