RealPort Supported Windows Server 2008 R2


Current Hardware : Windows Server 2008 R2 (Virtual Server)
Modem: PortServer TS 1

Need some assistance please, I am trying to install the Modem onto a Windows Server 2008 R2 Server. The modem has been configured with a network IP Address, I am able to telnet and http to it from the server, but I am having problems configuring the Comm port. when I query the Modem from device manager is always fails.

Would you happen to know if RealPort is supported on Windows Server R2 and if so how do I go about configuring it to the comms ports on the server.

Thanks in advance

Did You try this driver?
Did You install the latest firmware?

I have the latest version of the firmware installed onto the PortServer TS 1 (Version 82000747_W1 02/16/2016)

when I click on the link to download the latest driver it comes back with a 404 error.

any advice please

This is the correct link, read the readme.txt before to use. I hope it is useful

I am already using the this version of the drivers, is there anything else that I have missed?


When you say “query the Modem”, do you mean that you have a serial modem attached to the PortServer?