Connecting to a serial port modem attached to a TS4 PortServer through a firewall.

I’m trying to connect from a windows 2008 server to a serial port modem that is attached to a PortServer TS4 device. The server and device are separated by a firewall. The serial port has been configured for realport and I have tcp port 771 open through the firewall. The realport drivers are installed on the server and configured with the PortServers ip address, but I have no connectivity. Are there additional ports needed to be able to see/communicate with the modem device? The normal manuals don’t appear to really cover usage through a firewall.

Update. So it looks like the windows server talks to the PortServer on tcp port 771, but then the portserver tries to communicate back to the windows server on a number of ports starting from around tcp port 54700 upwards. Anyway know the full range that needs to be allowed?

When RealPort is installed you should see COM ports configured to represent the serial ports on the PortServer unit to behave as though they are native serial ports on the host.

To confirm connectivity to the PortServer from your host, use telnet to test the port/socket to the PortServer:

C:> telnet (IP_of_PortServer) 771

If connected you might see garbage or simply a blank screen (which is good and confirms it is not blocke). If an error is seen, it would suggest a firewall issue.