Serial Port Driver/Software

I would like to use a TS4 for an application I have. I need to plug a serial device, RS232, 9600b, into the serial port on a workstation and have the data that goes into that serial port come out one of the ports of the TS4. What would I have to do/run/install to the workstation, running WinXP or possible Win7?


You could set the TS4 serial port as profile “TCP Sockets”, then use it as a TCP Sockets server. Your application would then connect to the IP of the TS4, on TCP port 200x or 210x, where x is the port number.

The 200x port would be used for ascii data, whereas the 210x port would be used if the traffic is binary.

I’m looking for the application or driver that will allow the physical serial port on the workstation to connect to the port on the TS4.

In your first post I thought you said you had an application. I’m not sure what you’re asking for at this point, so it would probably be a good idea to just call Tech Support and discuss this with a Support Engineer: 952-912-3456.

I used the wrong meaning of the word application. I’m looking for whatever software is needed to allow me to plug a serial device into a physical port on a computer and have the data from that device show up on a port of a TS4. Basically, I need to turn the computer, network and port server into an long extension cord.