TS4 port batch configuration

Hello good folks -

I deal with PortServer TS2/TS4/TS8/TS16 boxes. I’d like to be able to batch configure the serial port characteristics (baud, stopb, csize, ixon, ixoff, etc.) via a UNIX shell script. The termserver will already have its basic config (IP, subnet, etc) and be reachable on the network. I attach serial devices to ports 2101, 2102, 2103, etc. Is there a way to run a script that can do the port config without intervention? I’d like to be able to look for a known set of serial devices which can be plugged into the port and have an interface program be able to talk to whichever device happens to be plugged in. The job of the script is to config the port for a specific device, then I’d try to handshake with the device. If no response (i.e. that’s not the device that is plugged in), I shut down the interface, call another script to config the port for a different device, then start the interface & try and handshake, etc. till I hit pay dirt and get a device to respond. Wash, rinse, repeat forever. I’ve tried a bourne shell “here document” but that doesn’t do the job. I gave it the login/password followed by the config directives, but all that happens is that the connection is closed. I’ve been doing a telnet to the standard ts4 telnet port to do this. Is there another way? I don’t use RealPort at all - don’t need it, and all my stuff runs on Unix (IBM or HP).

Many thanks for any pointers!

We found that many customers create “expect” scripts for interacting with PortServer devices. This scripting application is available from:


The “autoexpect” feature is very easy and will actually create the script for you.

Hope this is helpful.