How to bypass realport com ports and talk IP to PSTS8

We are using the PSTS8 s as a serial over ip device for scanners and displays. Currently we are using the realport software to access the com ports. Is there a way to directly access the terminal server using an IP socket ? It would be easier in the software to access the device by ip and port number rather than mapping all the ports on the machine.

Yes, to access the ports directly as a socket. The following shows how to connect to port 1:

telnet (IP_of_portserver) 2001

Use 2002 for port 2, 2003 for port 3, etc…

Raw socket:

telnet (IP_of_portserver) 2101

Use 2102 for port 2, 2103 for port 3, etc…

Here you can find more details about this configuration: