Cable Configuration

I was on the phone today with Tech Support and we were troubleshooting my Portserver II. I have realport installed on the PC I’m working on and I have COM5 (port 2) assigned to this PC via a USR Courier V.everything EXT modem. When I installed it using the control panel everything appeared to install fine. When I open up the control panel and I go to phone/modems>Diagnostic Tab>Query Modem it comes back with an error that tells me it couldn’t connect to the modem. When I try the same test using Procomm Plus it tells me that a Telephony resouce was in use, IE no dial tone. If I telnet directly to the box and log in as root I can “connect 2” to the port without a problem. My issue appears to be from the port to the modem, this leads me to my next question:

From port 2 to the RJ-45 Ethernet adaptor on the modem is there anything special about them? I’m using an industry standard ethernet straight thru cable into a modem specific adaptor (DB-25 male) attached to the modem. I’ve checked all the settings on the modem and dug out the documentation provided by USR and I can’t find anything that I need to change on the modem itself so I’m going by logic it is something with either the port server itself (I didn’t configure something right) or the physical connection.

Anyone have thoughts?