Voltech 3600 (DB25-RJ45) Com Issues

Device - digi portserver ts 16
OS - Windows Server 2008R2

Hello all,

I have 8 Voltech 3600’s (Server port - DB25 to RJ45) run to the PortServer TS 16, the PortServer Com port drivers are setup, and I still can’t get any communication between the device and com port. I’m sure theirs a configuration issue some where but I haven’t really worked with Serial/Com port devices much. Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Patrick Rufino

Looking at the guide for the Voltech AT3600, the cabling is a bit different than expected:



RS232 interface for connection to a PC server running the Voltech server software.

25-pin male D-type connector.

Pin Signal name Pin Signal name
1 Ground (Earth) 6 No connection
2 i/p RX 7 0V
3 o/p TX 8 No connection
4 i/p CTS
5 o/p RTS 25 No connection

Based on this, I recommend confirming the following pin-outs are applied:

Voltech DB25 Digi RJ45
============ ============
2 RX ============ 5 TX
3 TX ============ 6 RX
4 CTS =========== 3 RTS
5 RTS =========== 8 CTS
7 0V ============ 7 SG


Thank you for your reply.

The current setup we have (Done along time ago by a previous tech) is the DB 25 Server port (Voltech) to RJ45 back to a 8 port RJ45 to DB25 adapter… which then is physically hooked up to a PC.

(Voltech Adapter DB25-RJ45)

What I want to have setup is DB25 to RJ45 to the DIGI which communicates to the virtual server [ I assume you already figured this out but thought I’d state it anyways]

My follow up questions are :

  1. This is a physical pin-out change? Not something that can be done via the software (I have never used it and from what I can gather this wouldn’t even make sense either.)

  2. I imagine I will need to get a different adapter that will allow me to open it up, but is their anyway around this that you can think of?

Thank you again!

  • Patrick

It is impossible to say what the existing DB25 - RJ45 pinouts are based on the picture. The proper cable will be required for serial communication, this cannot be accomplished using software. Once the correct cable is in place, you should be able to communicate with the device over the RealPort COM port.

I got a DSR connection when I turned my Voltech on with your suggested pin-out. But still I can’t pull a program (testing requirements) from the Voltech Server. Are you 100% sure that pin-out is correct so I know whether or not to keep focusing on the cabling or to troubleshoot else where.

This is what I was able to glean from the Voltech manual. You might want to contact them to confirm the cabling pin-out requirements. I saw some conflicting information on whether the cable should be straight through or null modem (crossover). To test communication outside of the applicaton, you should be able to connect directly to the serial port using the connect command from the root prompt of the unit. For example, to connect to port 1:

#> connect 1

Any data coming from the Voltech serial port should be seen once connected. Any data typed in the connect session will go to the attached Voltech port.

If you do not see any communication, you might want to test the port by plugging in the loopback plug to ensure the integrity of the port. You should see what you are typing in the connect session. More details on this can be found here: http://knowledge.digi.com/articles/Knowledge_Base_Article/HOW-TO-Loopback-Test-Portserver-or-Digi-One-family-Device-or-Terminal-Server-products-through-the-CLI-using-Connect

Loopback test was good.

" I saw some conflicting information on whether the cable should be straight through or null modem (crossover)"

I tested your pin-out (also spoke with Voltech support, they said that pin-out looks fine) still cant get it to work. I’ve tested quite a few of the profiles beside RealPort, and played around with a lot of the settings to no avail. I will test a straight through pin-out and post back. Do you think the cat5 cabling should matter I.e Standard A or B?