TS 4 MEI Modem emulation

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 connected to a PortServer TS 4 MEI. Currently, I have one port on the TS 4 configured as a RealPort and it works flawlessly. I’m trying to now configure a second port for modem emulation. However, I cannot seem correctly configure the modem connection on the server to the correct ports. I want to use the Windows Fax Service to recognize the modem. When setting up the Fax Service it asks for a modem to be installed, but only recognized COM1 as an available port. The PortServer creates a Fax Modem on COM4. Even when I uninstall both the modem and the COM port, if I scan for hardware changes, COM4 is reinstalled. If I manually install a modem, it will only recognize COM1. Fax service will not recognize the Fax Modem on COM4. Also, when choosing drivers for the modem, I do not have an option for TS 4. I’ve downloaded the only drivers available from digi.com/support.

It sounds like you need to disable the native port(COM1) in the BIOS and re-number the Digi COM ports as you like.