Modem Emulation Question

Hello, I received my Digi PortServer TS 16 today. I read up that you can connect a port on the digi to a serial port on an system and enable modem emulation on the port so you can ‘dial’ into the system using Telnet on port 50001.

I have an legacy DOS box running software that allows people to dial in. I was hoping to connect the digi to its serial port, setup modem emulation, in the software on the computer change the port its listening to, to COM1 and have it answer like a usual modem to a RING signal.

I’ve spend around 4 hours playing with the baud rates, flow control and altpin. Nothing seems to generate the RING to the computer… Am I just missing something?

Thanks in advance.

Hope somebody can help me out.

Modem Emulation profile is covered on page 29 and chapter 8 of the following manual:

Make sure the firmware for your product is up to date, since this feature is a relatively new addition to the Digi product line.

If that information doesn’t get you up and running, I’d recommend contacting Technical Support so we can have a look at the config file for your Terminal Server.

Actually, I got it working the way I had everything configured. Found out only 4 out of 16 ports are actually working on this Digi PortServer TS 16. The 4 that work, are working beautifully.

Anyway to find out if a warrenty exists on this? Serial number lookup? Thanks.

Yes, you’d need to supply your serial number, but RMA’s aren’t done via the messageboard. You’d need to call into Technical Support to get the RMA process started.

Tech Support #: 952-912-3456

I’m fairly new to the support forum and I came across your post. I’ve been trying to figure out modem emulation parameters with some legacy software as well. Could you please provide a description or layout of the configuration on how you got the modem emulation to work?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.