Which PortServer models support Modem Emulation ?


I know that some of the PortDerver TS products allow their ports to be cofigured to act like modems (modem emulation). My question is wether all the PortServers support this feature or only some special models?
Is there any exact list of the models with the modem emulation ability?



A lot of this is determined by the firmware revision of the product in question, since it was an enhancement that was added in firmware rather than a hardware change. The hardware versions listed at the bottom of this post WILL NOT support modem emulation, no matter the firmware revision.

Here is the list of products and firmware revision when this feature was added:

Portserver TS 8/16 (82000684_H firmware and later)
Digi One TS, TS 2/4 MEI, H, Wireless, Modem (82000747_G firmware and later)
Digi One IA and Digi One SP (82000774_F firmware and later)

The following DS/TS products currently do not support Modem Emulation:

Digi One Realport, Portserver TS2/4 (LETS version), Digi One IAP.