Digi Portserver TS 3+M vs TS 3 M MEI What's different ¿?


Just wondering what’s different hardware and software wise between the

Digi Portserver TS 3+M


Digi Portserver TS 3 M MEI



I think this is the same product, though Product Management may have changed the name sometime during its life. If you’d like to post the serial number or 5000xxxx-xx number for both I can tell you exactly, by revision, what the difference is.

We’ve never had any MEI versions sent out to us so far so I can only give you numbers from the TS-3+M versions.

Just grabbed one from the top of the pile.

PN:(1P)50000836-37 B
S/N: (S) V 70010xxx

Does that help?


The Portserver TS3+Modem is the same as the Portserver TS3 M MEI: http://www.digi.com/products/serialservers/portservertsmmei.jsp

A description of the naming change can be found under the Documentation section of the Portserver TS M MEI product page on our Support website: http://www.digi.com/support/productdetl.jsp?pid=2495&osvid=0&s=236&tp=3&tp2=0

And here’s a link directly to the pdf itself: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000681_a.pdf

Thanks that’s great info.

So they are 100% identical hardware and features wise?

Was mainly wondering if the TS 3+M had V.92?

Also have tried a few of the voice related AT commands and haven’t been able to get any to work as yet.

Our reference for these commands was from the document -> “Digi AT Command Reference For Digi Flex, Digi One IA Modems, and PortServer TS 1/3 + Modem”.

It’s possible though that I have just missed something.