PortServer TS3+Modem PN:(1P)50000836-37A ~Firmware~ ???

Hi, I am wondering what the correct firmware upgrade path is please?

Model: PortServer TS 3 + Modem
Firmware: Version 82001173_M1 11/29/2004
POST: release_82000921_A


I have done a couple of TS4MEI’s before and I realise the importance of flashing with the correct code in the correct order. (Better to be safe then sorry) :slight_smile:


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Since you are using the latest POST, you will only need to upgrade the firmware to version 82000747_T1:



I ended up not waiting. I updated both. But it went OK.

I am also wondering. We have one TS3+Modem model.
The rest are TS4-MEI units.

With the Modem version. IS it possible to set it up on a phone line and have it connect people that dial in with a modem to our existing internet feed here that we have on Cable Broadband?

Do I simply set the devices gateway to our router’s IP address and turn on DHCP on the TS3+M ?? Oh and of course auto answer as well??

Out of interest is the modem side upgradeable when it is flashed? For example does it support V.92 etc?


The TS 3 M MEI has an internal v.90/v.92 modem.

As for connecting dialup users to your network, this could be done by setting the TS M MEI for inbound modem, then create a PPP user using the PPP wizard found in the WebUI of the product.

For more detailed config assistance or if you run into problems, please contact Technical Support.

HI, Thanks for that.

I tried to creat a PPP user of guest / guest. BUt when I go into the users menu later it never shows any user accounts.


Do you see the user listed from the command line interface of the unit?

#> set user


We ended up addinng the user from the command line.

Also from the command line the users show.

#> set user
indx name DefaultAccess

1 root CommandLine
2 guest NetService IpPool:PPP

But from the Web GUI, nothing. :frowning:

User Configuration
User Access Action


In the GUI, PPP users will show up under Applications > PPP, then either Incoming PPP Connections or Outgoing PPP Connections, depending on how PPP is setup for that user.

Thanks, I see that now. I was expecting to see the users under the normal user menu, but I now understand that this is not the case. (Bit confusing. LOL).

We’ve got it working as far as letting people dial in and connect using PPP.

But for some reason they can not Ping or access anything on the network.

The PPP peer will need a Remote IP Address, which can be assigned dynamically or statically. If you want the IP address to be assigned dynamically, you must first configure a pool of IP addresses on the Basic PPP Settings page.

If you want the dial-in user to have access to the LAN, check Allow Client Access to Local Network… and assign the client a Local IP Address from your Digi device server’s subnet then click Apply to save the configuration.

Thanks Michael, but unfortunalty we have already done all that.

There must be something simple we are still missing.

I recommend calling Digi Tech Support then, because we’re going to need to have a look at the config files etc. to figure out why this isn’t working.