ppp inbound on PortServer TS 3+Modem

Setting the serial port (1) with the Internal Modem to a Network Port (PPP) / Incoming Connection and the modem fails to answer at all. Setting it to Network Port (PPP) / Network Bridge (bi-directional) and the modem answers but connections to connected devices fail.

Also, the logic behind the PPP settings escapes me: the peer configuration seems understandable - the client picks up an IP; but the “allow access to local network via PPP connection” IP settings are confusing as hell. Is that a loopback address that you are setting and is there some kind of dynamic route created?

I just need to be able to dial into the device over a phone line and telnet to the devices connected. I thought that the PortServer TS could do that. If I’m wrong I sure won’t be purchasing 25 of these.

I recommend contacting Digi Technical Support regarding this matter. Since, more details will be needed, such as the unit configuration, firmware version, authentication method, operating system you are dialing into, etc…

I did speak to tech support. Turns out setting the Internal Modem to Inbound connection doesn’t work. Why it’s an option I’ll never know. The only way to allow dialin is with the Network Bridge option. Whatever.