Ethernet Bridge Config PortServer TS 1

I am trying to use two PortServer TS 1’s as Ethernet bridges. I have a leased line between two sites that use serial modems, Motorola V3600’s. I want to go Ethernet –> Serial(modem 1) –> Serial (modem 2) –> Ethernet and back (bi-directional). I have set the ports to modem, and configured the bridge option and that does not work. When I set up PPP, I can not find a way to tell it to connect without trying to dial a number, the modems are leased line not dial up. I would like some additional information on the scripting for the dial up connection or any other way to accomplish this. Thanks for the help!

It looks as though the modem requires Synchronous DTE communication when using a leased line. If this is correct, the PortServer TS is not capable of synchronous serial communication. However the PortServer II product is, with a feature called frame relay (which will work over leased lines, as well) and the DB25 “frame” cable.

Why couldn’t I establish a PPP connection form one to the other? The problem is the config wants to dial a number.

By the way, I can talk modbus through them right now using my laptop or a plc, so they are not synchronous. How would I do PPP with a null modem cable?

I’d recommend contacting Tech Support about this and opening a case. We’ll want to see the config files of your two Digi’s to help determine why this is happening.

The likely cause is that you’ve configured the ports for “modem”, but you should probably be using another profile since these are leased line modems, and therefore actually a direct connection.

I have already been through this with tech support and was told that is does not work reliably and I need to use other hardware.