Connecting to external modem

I need to be able to use a dial modem over ethernet. Right now the way I have it physically setup is I have the Digi One TS plugged into power and a regular ethernet cable in where it says ethernet. The device can be pinged and I can reach the webpage. Then I take a Multitech modem and connect it to the Digi One TS by plugging the network adapter RJ45 to DB25 (part# 76000450) into the modem and then taking an ethernet cable and plugging it from the adapter into the Digi Port.
On the digi I took the port and assigned it a modem profile. I just used the default settings for the serial connection. On my computer I added the realport driver and it found the Digi and setup COM3. I added a modem in Windows but the detection didn’t work so I added it using the manual way. But whenever I query the modem or try a test connection nothing happens. Windows keeps complaining that it can’t find the modem hardware. I don’t know if I used the wrong adapter, or whether I configured something wrong on the RealPort driver.
I tested the modem directly plugged in my machine and it worked. I tested a different modem and that didn’t help. I also tried a two port digi with the same result.

Don’t set up the Digi port to act like a modem if you have a real modem attached.
Set the port profile to RealPort.
Using the device manager, multi-port serial adapters,right-click on the Digi unit, properties, Advanced, properties, select the port, select TCP, check the box to enable Complete Rights Immed.
The cable 76000450 is for an EtherLite product which has completely different pinouts.
76000129 is a 2 foot rj45 to db25 cable which should work fine. 76000195 is the 4 foot version.
With the corrct cable attached, now try to talk to the modem again.

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Thanks. It works great now. I would have never been able to solve this.

No problem. Glad it is working.