Digi One SP Modem Emulation - I cannot get my system to recognize it as a modem.

I’ve installed the device to Serial port on a Windows 7 machine, installed Realport software. Configured as instructed. Even installed it to windows as a “modem”. Yet, when I try to use it a modem, I either comeback with “device not functioning on COM” or “no modem found on COM”.

Have you looked at the knowledge base articles on troubleshooting the port?


  1. Troubleshooting a Port
    Make sure you are using a cable built according to one of the diagrams found through the cable selector on the Digi Support page for your product/serial device combo.
    Telnet or log in to the Portserver and type
    set port ra=## dev=term
    set line ra=## baud=9600 csize=8 parity=N stopb=1
    (where ## is the port number you wish to test).
    Disconnect the Portserver from the network and power cycle it.
    Set your terminal for 9600 8-N-1 and attempt to log in on the port. (If you can log in as root, then the port is working).

Thanks. I’ve actually already went through that, and its working fine. But still when I go to use it as modem function, it can’t find. Example: I’ve installed a version of Hyperterminal. In HypT, I choose the One SP as a modem. Put in number and it returns with “Disconnected” as it can’t get ringtone. So, i try to contact the modem through COM port (in HypT). if I type an AT command, nothing. The only way I can communicate with it is through inputting a TCP/IP add.