PortServer TS2/MEI unable to upgrade firmware

I am trying to remotely upgrade the firmware in a TS2 I just installed last week in the field. Everytime I try to upgrade, I get the following error: “Unable to Upgrade Firmware: No Connection Info” … I did not have this problem with several other sites in which I upgraded the firmware. The current Firmware and POST are as follows:

Firmware: Version 82000747_S 06/16/2006
POST: release_82001178_C

Has anyone ever encountered this problem and if so, what was the fix? I also noticed that this is an older version of POST than what was on the other TS2’s I upgraded the firmware on, but was unable to find a POST upgrade on the support website.

The 1178 POST is a universal POST, which does not need to be upgraded. This is why it doesn’t appear on the Support site anywhere.

As for updating the EOS firmware, I haven’t seen that error before. Are you trying to update it via the Web UI and selecting the file on your drive via the Browse button, or through some other method such as tftp?

This might have something to do with the error, because “Connnection Info” sounds like a network related error to me.

I am connecting through the WebUI. I have upgraded other sites from the same PC. We are using satellite communications with public IP addresses assigned by the service provider, but have had problems in the past with certain TCP ports being blocked in the SP’s network. What ports are being used during the upgrade, is it 771 and 1027(default ports)?