Portserver TS 4 MEI DB9M Cables required.

G’day! We have a few Portserver TS 4 MEI’s here that we need to purchase some cables for. So far we have found part # 76000702 (8x RJ45-DB9M) to be available for around US$24 + shipping.

Can anyone confirm that these definatly fit the TS 4? They are listed for the TS 8. I assume both the TS 4 series and TS 8 Take the same cables?

Part # 76000701 (4x RJ45-DB9M) is listed for the TS 4 series, but it is cheaper to buy the larger packet (8x) if they are the same cable.

Can anyone confirm compatability please?

If anyone can help with a good location to buy that ships to Australia I’d appreciate it also.

Our application is adapting Packet radio TNC’s (Modems) to a Wlan.

Ken - vk4akp@hotpop.com

Yes, the TS4 MEI and TS8 both have the same RJ45 pinout. Any cables which work for one will work for both.

OK Thanks for the info.

Any suggestions of a good supplier that will ship to Australia. ???

We have seen the 8 pack of cables part # 76000702 listed on sites in the US and Canada for around US$24 but can not seem to find one that will ship to our country.

Your best bet is to contact Digi Sales:

Phone: 1-877-912-3444

E-mail: info@digi.com

2+ Years later and we finally managed to get some of these adapters. :frowning: We ended up having to pay a 3rd company to transfer ship these from the USA to Australia.

Digi really needs to open up their online stores for international orders.

It’s hard to understand how such an amazing company with such amazing products can be so backwards in this respect towards global markets. :frowning: