What cable for 3wire device, to PS-TS4 RJ45

have a device that is 3wire, physical DB9-F, 2=txd, 3=rxd, 7=siggnd, 9600 8N1, no-flow control.

What cable connection shoul I be using with the Digi Portserver TS4… which has (4) 10 pin RJ-45 like connector

If you are using 8 wire RJ45, then pin 4 is Txd pin 5 is RxD and pin 6 is SG. If your device is a DTE(terinal, PC) then you would cross TxD and RxD, if it is DCE(modem, etc) wire straight through.
If you are using RJ45 10 pin, then pin 5 is TxD pin6 is RxD and pin 7 SG

Thanks… got it talking for now…

Does Digi… sell (part number) a cable that we can purchase as follows:
Digi PortServer TS4, RJ-45 to DB9-M
RJ-45, (8 Pin)
4 -> to DB9 -> 2
5 -> to DB9 -> 3
6 -> to DB9 -> 7


Hi Sandy,

Digi does not sell RJ45 8-Pin cables.
Digi does have RJ45 10-pin Cross-Over Cables:

RJ45 to DB9 Male 48" 76000264

RJ45 to DB9 Female 48" 61090048