PortServer II-16 - setup Configuration Cable to a PC

Dear Digi-Community,

I need a cable for the re-configuration of my PortServer II-16 and I would like to connect the PortServer to a PC.

The HW install manual states:
“Connect the configuration terminal to port 1 on the PortServer II. The PortServer II comes with a 10-pin, RJ45-to-DB-25 cable that you can use to connect the PortServer II and the configuration terminal.” - but unfortunately the cable is lost.

What I need to know is the Pinout to setup a RJ45-to-DB9 (female) cable to connect to a PC.

I checked several Digi PDF manuals (Cable Guide etc.) but I feel to be swamped with all the information :-/

Anybody out there with an idea?


You’ll probably want to make one of the following:


One is a cable with RJ-45 8-wire on one side and the DB-9 F on the other; the other is a cable adapter, which would have a straight-through double-ended RJ-45 8-wire cable connected to it.

Hopefully one of these two will suit your needs.