What cable to use.

The PC is a db 9 the edgeport is db 25. What cable to use. Connecting a PC to a edgeport using two TS one port each. Configured as bridge

If I understand your request correctly, you are configuring the following scenario:

PC -serial- Portserver TS =network bridge= PorServer TS -serial- Edgeport

The cable going from the PC to the PortServer TS would be cabled as follows:


The cable connecting the PortServer TS to the Edgeport:


Video for configuring the serial bridge on the PortServer TS units: http://www.digi.com/videos/configuring-a-serial-bridge-using-portserver-or-di

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Do Digi have the cables for this and if possible what are the part numbers. Thank you

Great answer. Help me to complete the connections and work 100%. thank you