PortServer TS 4 RJ45 pinout ambiguity

I’m using a PortServer TS 4 H MEI and I bought one Digi cable (part number 76000645) for testing. The testing was successful but I need to make custom cables for the application. The pinout of the actual Digi cable doesn’t agree with the Digi documentation though. Looks like the two grounds were swapped at some point? The Digi docs say frame ground is pin 4 on the cable’s RJ45 connector but the shell is wired to pin 7 on the RJ45.


The pin-out for the cable you purchased is available here (76000645):


However, when making your own cables, you will need to use 8 wire cables. Here are the pin-outs for the 8 wire cabling:


Which cabling document are you looking at? It looks like it will need to be fixed.

My mistake. I was numbering the RJ45 from the wrong side which has the effect of making it look like a DCE with signal ground and chassis ground reversed.