Intel MB RJ45 serial port to Port Server II problem

I’m trying to connect the RJ45 serial port on an Intel SE7520JR2 motherboard to a Digi. Not sure how to make the connection. Since both sides are RJ45 we tried straight and crossover ethernet cables but no luck. Also tried changing the signaling on the port with a jumper on the motherboard. Still can’t see any data on the port. Connecting to other serial ports has never been a problem. Anyone run across this? Thanks much! Jeff H.

RJ45 pinouts are not a standard, so everyone seems to do it a bit differently. Our RJ45 pinout can be found on this site by selecting the “Cabling” link from the PortServer II product page.

As for the Intel RJ45, we can help you figure out a cable pinout but we’ll need to know how the Intel RJ45 serial port is pinned, as well as whether its a DTE or DCE serial port in nature.

Hi Michael - thanks for the help. Here’s the info …

On the Intel server board, the RJ45 pinout is as follows:

Pin Signal

5 RI
7 DSR/DCD (user selectable with jumper)

Is there a standard cable that follows this pinout on
one side and the Digi pinout on the other side or will
we need to make our own cable? Thanks very much!

You didn’t mention if the Intel port was DTE or DCE, but I’m going to guess DTE and say that this pinout might work for you:

Just make sure you test one first before buying/making them in quantity :wink: Also, note that the cable I linked above isn’t pinned the same on both sides, so the Digi and non-Digi ends will need to be observed.


This did the trick - thanks much. We’ll place an order for some cables from Digi now.