PortServer TS8 to RJ45 Connector Box

I have a PortServer TS8 PN: (1P)500001208-01 AA. So far it appears to be working just fine. (Though I’ve only been able to test Port 1 so far.) I’m using it in dev=prn mode (reverse telnet) for the purpose of connecting to an old DOS-based BBS. Inside the computer is a DIGI Classicboard. When I plug a fanout cable into the Classicboard, and run a DB9 Serial to RJ45 between the fanout cable and the PortServer, I’m able to connect to the BBS with no problem.

However, all of that serial cable is cumbersome. I found a DIGI RJ45 Connector Box on eBay which I thought would be the perfect way to eliminate all the serial cable. The RJ45 Connector Box plugs directly into the back of the Classicboard and (as the name would suggest) has RJ45 ports on it instead of Serial. This means I can bypass all the serial cables and just use regular Ethernet cables between the Classicboard and the PortServer.

Here is a picture to show what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/j12hgYo.jpg

Unfortunately it isn’t working. I suspect the problem is with the pinout. I believe the DB9 Serial to RJ45 cable I was previously using is doing some kind of crossover wiring, but I’m not sure what the mapping is. I have tried to use a crossover Ethernet cable in place of a regular patch cable, but that doesn’t work either.

So my question is: Can someone tell me how to wire an Ethernet cable so that I can go between the PortServer and the RJ45 Connector Box?

Note - I did find this pinout for the DB9 Serial to RJ45: http://i.imgur.com/vKYHf9j.jpg

However, I’m not sure how to translate that pinout so that it will work RJ45 to RJ45


To add to this question… I’ve noticed that the ports on the RJ45 Connector Box actually have 10 copper wires, not 8. So does that mean that regular Ethernet cable won’t work at all since it only has 8 wires?

What is the serial number and/or part number of the RJ45 Connector Box?

S/N (S) V52226302
P/N (1P) 50000010 REV : L