Cannot connect via Serial to PortServer 16

The company I work for owns a PortServer 16 and I am trying to connect to it via serial with no luck.

These are the steps I took in order to connect to the hardware:
1 - Using a RJ45 / DB25 cable that came with the equipment, I connected the RJ45 to port 1 and the DB25 to a DB9 adpater. This adapter I connected to my COM1.

2 - I configured Hyperterminal on my XP with the following configurations:
9600 / 8 / None / 1 / Hardware

3 - When I try to connect, nothing happens. No garbage is shown, no message asking for password, nothing. The terminal shows that it is connected. I´ve used this machine to connect to routers and switches with no problem.

4 - I tried resetting the hardware using the following steps with no luck.
a. Press both arrow buttons on the front panel of the Portserver (II) in, then power on the unit while continuing to hold the arrows in.
b. Hold these buttons down until EP (or CL) is displayed.
c. Reboot the PortServer (II) and then reconfigure it.

My questions:
Considering that the cable and DB25/DB9 adpater are ok, is there something I am doing wrong?
SHould I use another port instead of port 1 ?
What might cause a machine to not be able to connect to portserver via serial?

The adapter used was tested and is OK. We own about 50 RJ45 / DB25 cables and I´ve tested around 15 which makes me consider that they are ok since I tried them all and the problem persists)

So now I´m thinking ir is probably a pinout problem.

I have a bunch of Digi Cable RJ45/DB25 Male-48"
What I need is to convert the Db25 to DB9 so I can connect to my COM1 console on my PC.

The adapter I am using probably is not converting the signals correctly so I was wondering that maybe I should MAKE this adapter.

Or even better, create my own RJ45 to DB9 cable.

More experienced users think that the reason I am unable to connect via serial is due to the pinout?
Any tips how to create the correct cable?

thank you

I just responded to the case you opened. Basically our cable along with a null modem adapter should work. The first link on this pg would be the proper pinout:

Years ago we changed this cable and now ship a DB9 null modem cable with our current Portserver TS product line.

That was exactly it.
The null modem solved the problem.

Thanks again.