assign IP address for the portserver 8 RJ45

I can’t hyperterminal with the portserver, the “Login” promt never appear. Please Help…


You would need to reset PortServer to the factory defaults by pressing both green arrow keys on the front panel and power cycling it while holding arrow keys down.

I did reset the portserver, but it still do the same thing. I tested the portserver and everything seem to pass.

There are couple more things to consider
–cable, use Digi supplied RJ45 to DB25 cable, or you can make one, according to these pinouts:
–port settings, make sure that terminal emulation is set to 9600 8/N/1 no flow control

I set the hyperterminal to com1, vt 100, 9600 baud, 8 bit , 1stop bit, no parity, but the portserver did not response, Please advise, what else I need to do.


I used the cable digi supplied.

What is the part number of that cable? what dignals are active on a port(PortServer) you are connecting terminal to(press lef green arrow key, till it displays 01 in LED)?

I cant get this to work either. What Rj45 to DB9 cable should i get… What is the part number?

I am using portserver II 16 and trying to use hyperterimnial to access the server via rj45.

I’d recommend calling Technical Support. They can help walk you through that, and if needed, start the RMA process.

RTS and DTR led display

This would be a good adapter to use:

Part number is 76000697. That diagram is for a console adapter, which would allow you to connect a straight-through RJ-45 cable between adapter and Portserver II.

This link would be essentially the same thing, but an all-in-one cable that wouldn’t require a seperate RJ-45 cable: