Legacy 16 Port Terminal Server

Hi All,

We have about 15 of these 16 port terminal servers connected to various ‘dumb terminals’ along with printers.
My question is, how do I configure it, I would like to change the IP, DGateway, etc. I tried to use the downloads, but the test device I’m using doesn’t take any settings I try to configure. I’ve used a DB9 connector to ethernet and hyperterminal, but I can’t see the POST through HypTmnl either.

Also, from what I’ve been reading, this device allows 16 terminals or printers to connect and be on the network using 1 IP address. I’ve stepped into a cluster f@#$&& and I’m trying to clarify some issues on the infrastructure.

Please help…

I’m not sure if this has been answered yet …
Are these the Etherlites, either 16, 16+ or 160? From my limited experience, some of the oldest 16s may not respond to a console login, or may not hold the settings through a reboot. But if it is a 160 or later 16/16+ it should at least respond to the three # # # from hyperterm at 19,200 through port 1 when started with no network connection. If not, it is likely you don’t have Etherlite’s non-standard pinout in your 9-pin cable, try checking it with a breakout box.
And yes, you can drive 16 serial devices with 1 IP connection. I prefer setting it with console mode, it is a pain to have DHCP give it a random address.

Can you please provide a serial or part number to identify which product you have?