Hard coding a ts16 with an IP and gateway

I’ve been dealing with the early versions of these serial port servers for years. The el16, el160 etc. In a remote environment which is running dhcp I frequently must hard code the els with an ip address in order for it to communicate with the remote server. I am currently have the same issue with a TS16. I see several utilities on your site but none have explanations that I can find of what they allow me to do. I need to know which I can use to accomplish programming the ip address info. I cant simply try them until I get one that works. I must get permission from corporate to install any software on my laptop so I need to do this just one time. Thank you for any help.

Hi @emshofk , the following link won’t be compatible with your Etherlite devices (used a different discovery method), but the Portserver TS and ConnectPort TS models can be discovered using the Digi Device Discovery Tool.

Here is a link to our article about using this utility, which also contains a link directly to a version of the software you can run standalone from a Windows desktop:


The other key resource being the Quick Start Guide for that model:

Please keep in mind that the two links above assume that the Portserver TS device is at factory default. You can find instructions on how to factory default the Portserver TS using the Reset switch in the TS Family User Guide for the product, found at the product page:

Hope that helps!

Thank you. I will check it out today.