can not configure etherlite16 for hpux 11i

Hi All,

I am configuring a digi Etherlite16 for hpux 11i.
Now I successfully installed A5856A_11.00 (version 1.3.6)

Etherlite ip address configuration is also OK. i can ping to that IP.
Then i configured with drpadmin. my /etc/conf/digi/drp.conf says,…
0 16 a 01 771 never 1027

drp daemon is running…

ps -ef | grep drp

root 978 1 0 02:05:12 ? 0:00 /sbin/drpd -p 771 -e never -q 1027 0

But, ditty forcedcd tty101 command fail.
/dev/ttya02: Could not open device after 10 seconds

after few reboots I got same result…

Hope ur help


“Now I successfully installed A5856A_11.00 (version 1.3.6)”

What is this? I don’t recognize this as a Digi serial number, filename or version so I’m curious.

I am really sorry… It is the driver name which I installed on hpux 11i.

I am trying to configure Etherlite16…


Are you able to display the port settings using ditty -a?

ditty -a cux##

Also, the forcedcd setting typically does not apply to EtherLite units (usually portservers). If you do not have DCD wired on the cable, you will want to be sure to use the /dev/cux## (non-blocking) devices instead of the /dev/ttyx## (blocking) devices.