Using a EthernetLite as Terminal Server, how do I connect to a port?


Not sure of the subject is ok…but We searched all docs and are at lost…

Etherlite 16 ports, has IP address assigned (rlogin works)
and all 16 ports are connected to 16 Sun systems (console)

with the other terminal servere, we do telnet terminal server, login with userid/account and then do a ‘connect port xx’ and we are then on the console port, with the other we do telnet terminal server port-#,

how do I do this with a Etherlite? Did we got the wrong equipment???



This product is not capable of telnet. The EtherLites can only be used with the RealPort driver from a primary host. Once the driver is installed, you can use tip, cu, Minicom, Hyperterminal, etc… to connect to a port.

If you need telnet functionality, I recommend exchanging the EtherLite for a PortServer or Digi CM product.

Thank you for the help!