How can I reverse telnet in a Etherlite 32

I can open ports 1 - 32 in my Etherlite 32. I bought it on ebay…
I downloaded Realport and I can open all of the 32 ports via terminal emulation program… however I need the reverse telnet to access remotely to my 32 serial ports…

What am I missing?

The EtherLite products do not support telnet and will only work with the RealPort driver.

What UserID0 said is true.

If you need reverse telnet capability, you’ll want to take a look at Portserver products instead: either Portserver, Portserver II, or Portserver TS series, rather than the Etherlite. Most of our Ethernet products support this, so “Connect” and “ConnectPort” products would as well, just not the Etherlite.