PortServer TS4 3.3VDC Power? Normally 9-30VDC? WTF?? :(

Hi, We’ve just bought some more Digi PortServer’s here.

All our equipment we run has to run from 12VDC as we install at Solar sites etc. Hence the reason why we choose the PortServer series etc.

One of the units that arrived today is supplied with a 3.3VDC powersupply and is marked as follows. :frowning:

PortServer TS4 ADP
PN:(1P)50000723-08 B

ADP PortServer TS4 ADP Dealer
OPS# 21000-03

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Will this device still run in the 9-30VDC range?

I don’t dare plug it in to our 12VDC supplies for fear of blowing it up??

I also tried a search on the part number on Digi’s web site but came up with nothing.

Appreciate any info.

TNX - Ken.

Legacy Portserver TS4’s (Digi part# 70001751) had a 3.3vdc supply. I think what you’ll want to do is return this to your distributor if you’ve had it under 30 days, and ask for Digi part# 70002045 instead, which is a Portserver TS4 w/9-30 vdc supply.

Here’s a link to the product page for that model:

OK, thanks for the info.

Unfortunatly returning the item isn’t an option.
We are located in Australia and had the item shipped from the USA.

It was purchased as a group purchase with a number of other Digi products including TS3+modem servers (which are 9-30VDC).

It was supplied as a new item and wasn’t even out of it’s wrapper. But it looks like we got stuck with old stock. :frowning:

We are also having trouble finding a USA supplier that will ship to Australia the 76000701 modem cables needed here. But thats another story.

OK, thanks for the info.


Sorry to hear about the troubles you’re having with supply out in Australia, but I’ve forwarded a link to this post to our Sales Rep in Hong Kong, so hopefully he can put you in touch with the right distributor to order your cables.