48V DC for TS16

I accidentally got stuck with a DC version of a portserver TS16. I have dozens of the normal TS16’s.

Can someone point me in the right direction to get a good (affordable) transformer that will run one of these devices.

I can not believe that no one is willing to answer this simple question… thanks for the help fellas.

Another satisfied Digi reseller…

You probably should open up a case directly with them.
They might not be aware you posed a question.

From the main page of the Forum:

The message board is intended for peer to peer support for Digi’s customers. Digi does not guarantee a response to posted questions. For timley support assistance please contact us at http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/eservicelogin.jsp.

Thanks for the reply… while it might be ok with you that they cop out by simply posting a disclaimer and hoping that someone does their work for them… I’ll think I’ll still consider myself a dissatisfied reseller of their products. This should be a slam dunk for them to answer. Not doing so only means they are being lazy.

Besides… I’m small potatoes… I only sold twenty eight TS16’s last year… and I only sold those because my customers required them… I’m doing everything I can to move them to thin clients ASAP so they can stop throwing away money on RS-232 hardware. Hopefully I have already sold my last terminal sever anyway… hopefully.

Thanks again for the reply anyway…

At this time Digi International does not have a partner relationship with a particular Company that provides power supplies. Without such, it would be inappropriate for us to single out a specific supplier.

We can tell you that the input requirements for this product would be 48V +/- 10%, .25A