3Com home connect camera

I’ve down loaded the iucam220.exe software but when I install the camera onto the USB port, the install process doesn’t find the driver there. ( inf port ? )
What am I doing wrong ???

After you run iucam220.exe you should plug in the camera and then choose “Install the software automatically” when prompted. Choose “No, not this time” if prompted to connect to Windows Update. Is this the procedure you’re doing? If so please let me know exactly what the error message(s) say.

I install the software, plug in the camera, OS finds the camera, If I “install software automatically” OS doesn’t find the software. If I “install from specified location” and point to the directory I’ve installed the software to, I don’t get an opportunity to click on “OK”, it remains grayed out.

Delete the file “setupapi.log” from c:\windows (or c:\winnt depending on which OS you’re running) then try to re-install the camera, only choosing the option “Install the software automatically”. Again, choose “No, not this time” if prompted to connect to Windows Update. After it fails, upload the newly-created setupapi.log file here.

Also, tell me, what is the history of this camera? In other words, have you successfully used it before on other PCs recently?

Oh, what OS are you running?

The camera was used on a W2K machine a couple of years ago.

The process you gave me to re-install by deleing the log file didn’t work

XP Pro

I think you misunderstood. What I wanted you to do was send me the file “setupapi.log”. This will definitely not resolve the issue of the camera not installing but it will give me more information to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

So, specifically:

  1. Delete “setupapi.log”.
  2. Unplug/replug the camera.
  3. Once the found new hardware wizard appears, choose “No, not this time” if prompted to connect to Windows Update.
  4. Choose “Install the software automatically”.
  5. Upload “setupapi.log” here.

Following your suggestions, here’s the log file:

Are you certain that a 3Com HomeConnect camera is attached? I do not see any references to a 3Com HomeConnect in your log file. Please give me both the serial number and 301-xxxx-xx part number of the camera you’re trying to install.

That’s sort of my point.
If I plug the camera in, the OS sees something plugged into the USB port, but it doesn’t recognize the camera.
If I try to install the driver manually, the driver is not seen during the install process.

There is no part # nor serial # on the camera itself.
On top of the camera is the 3COM logo and the words “HomeConnect”.

I appreciate your patience with me.

I see a referencce to a “U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT” in your log file. Any idea why that would be there? Did you also install or try to install a modem?