Watchport/V2 Windows XP Diver

Hello. I downloaded what was available for a twain driver from the support site ( and when I attempt to use the driver in set up I get a pop up stating “The specified location does not contain information about your hardware” I use this camera to take photos for our ID system and unfortunately, I have no software disks that came with the camera. Please help!


Look at the white label on the bottom of the camera. What is the serial number, and what model does it say it’s called on that label (the label, not the stencil on the enclosure)? Watchport/V2 or Watchport/V?

The serial number is SN (S) V73841304 Watchport/V2 Hope this helps! Thanks

Thanks. Yes, that helps. I wanted to make sure your camera was indeed a Watchport/V2. The Watchport/V, which I thought you might have had instead, uses a different driver.

Is your Windows XP system 32-bit or 64-bit?

My system is 32 bit

Please upload the file “setupapi.log” from the “c:\windows” folder.

I would if I could! It is a stand alone machine so I had to copy the driver on a stick and attempt to install it. I downloaded the file and when extracted, it placed about a half dozen files on my computer including an inf file. There was no executable to install anything. I then went to my control panel and to scanners and camera. Attempted to add one. Stated use this specific lacation and pointed it towards the folder and file. Error came back like the one I told you about. I have no CD’s or any base software for the camera. I did however, download direct x onto a stick and installed it prior to even attempting to install the driver.
the machine is located somewhere else. I can get the file for you but it will take some time. But in the meantime, what should I do?


That’s actually not the way to install the camera.

You should unplug/replug the USB cable to start the process. If a driver isn’t already installed, you should get a found new hardware wizard. Point that wizard to the location of the extracted TWAIN driver (i.e. “C:\WpImaging” if you used our self extractor .exe, or wherever you extracted the .zip file if you used our .zip file).

If you only have remote access to the PC (if you can’t unplug/replug the camera physically) then look in Device Manager and you should see a Watchport camera device with a yellow warning icon. You’d right-click it and choose Update driver to start the process.

Does this help?

I unplugged and replugged in the device and I do not get the new hardware found wizard anymore (I did at one time) I’ll have to check the device manager. Can I get back to you next week when I am at the machine? Thanks,

While you have the camera plugged in, you can check the Device Manager for any devices with a yellow question mark or red arrow. Delete these devices out of your device manager and then unplug your camera. When you plug it back in again, it should start the “Found new hardware” wizard. If not, let us know! Thanks, Nathan