Watchport V2 commands

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My plan is to connect a Watchport V2 camera to a MCU (ATmega169). I use a Vinculum VDIP1 modul to work the MCU and camera toegher. I do not know so much about the low-level commands of the camera. Does somebody? The VDIP1 does not support the Media USB class so I have to put together the commands. Can sombody help me? It would be very important! Thx!



Hi, I recieved your support submission the other day and asked a sales rep in your part of the world to contact you. It seems that they have not done so.

Unfortunately we do not have the engineering resources to help customers write custom software or to interface the camera via “non standard” ways.

If you need just general Twain/Direct show programming information I could probably get you links which would explain things for you. This will be of help if you were just to install our camera to a regular USB port and install one of our drivers (direct show or twain) and wanted to write a customer application.

As far as interfacing the camera to something other than a standard USB port on a system running XP/2000/2003 operating system, that is a completely different situation.

As much as I hate to pose things like this (if it was up to me our engineering group would help EVERYONE no matter what the revenue potential was but unfortunatley it’s not realistic) if you were to buy a significant amount of V2’s (probably 1000’s) I would imagine that we could get you in the engineering queue and we could then explore options on what we could do to assist you.

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Mike Swift


Thx for the reply!

That links will be also usefull! :slight_smile: Please send it for me!
Never mind I will get the connection with the hungarian distributor of the device. I hope it will help!


Viktor Füvesi

  1. Is there an alternative interface available to the driver, instead of going through DirectX?

Yes, the alternative interface is VfW (Video for Windows), also referred to as TWAIN (NATHAN, IS THIS A CORRECT STATEMENT, ABOUT "AKA TWAIN?). It’s easier than DirectX for getting started and is better suited for snap shots and grabbing single frames from the camera much like from a scanner. Still, DirectShow would be the “preferred interface” since it’s more powerful, supports streaming, takes less system resources, full 32bit (vs 16bit), the list goes on. Besides the fact it’s also what our camera is based on.

  1. Is there any sample code available for this camera?

There are a lot of examples for both interfaces (DirectX and VfW) on the web.

MSDN DirectShow:
Misc DirectShow: ,
VFWDK (old):
VFW Controls for VB (this is not .NET, but does have sample code): ,
Misc programming sites: , , ,

To make a DirectShow application talk to our camera requires DirectShow programming knowledge. If you want to learn DirectShow, you should first learn a little about Microsoft’s COM technology (since a DirectShow application is really a COM client application). Additionally, we recommending downloading the DXSDK, looking at the DXSDK samples, and reading MSDN and other websites on DirectShow programming. Last, you should definitely consider looking into this DirectShow book: “Programming Microsoft DirectShow for Digital Video and Television (Paperback)” by Mark D. Pesce If you’re using .NET, there may be a better (and even easier) way to program DirectShow - you would have to research that as, unfortunately, we do not have any .NET samples to give out.