Watchport/V2 Twain Driver

We are having problems installing the Twain Driver for the Watchport/V2 camera on Windows2000. I have downloaded the driver from the website and unzipped it. When I choose to update the driver and select the folder where the new driver is located, it doesnt recognize it and chooses the driver that is already installed. We didnt have any problem installing this driver on an XP machine. Any one have any ideas what the problem may be?


I emailed you directly on this.


Mike Swift

Hello Mike,

I am having a similar problem.

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 2000.

I cannot remove enough of the old Watchport/V drivers to properly install Watchport/V2 drivers.

How do I completely remove the old drivers?



To remove the Watchport/V driver, go to Control Panel and then Add or Remove Programs. Locate “Inside Out Networks Camera Utilities” and uninstall that. Reboot the PC afterwards.