4 Digiboard cards

I have four Digiboard cards (left over stock from computer reseller) and I am not too sure:
a) What 3 of them are exactly. What are the exact digi part numbers?
b) What to do with them. Are people still interested in buying these? if so, where?

More Specifics:
The 3 ‘regular length’ ISA cards, have S/Ns: A279992, A279047, and A279998

And 1 super long ISA card which I am pretty sure is an Acceleport 8e-ISA (p/n 7000037). S/N: 3542146

(Also, some driver discs and three 8-ended serial cables, all in original digiboard boxes)

I have tested one of the boards under windows 98SE and it works fine… what now? :slight_smile:

Hello Jacob,

The 3 cards starting with A27 are all PC/8E(8K) adapters. Members of the previous generation to the current AccelePort 8E adapters. In fact, many of the current driver set still supports these adapters, (not all). However being ISA adapters it is getting increasingly difficult to find computers with ISA slots. So the demand for these adapters is much less then the PCI versions.
Part Numbers would be listed on the adapters, (50 & 55 million) and on the shipping boxes, (70 & 77 Million)

The other adapter is a PC/8E(64K). This adapter is from the generation previous to the 8E(8K) version, and is less likely to be useful. It has some resource requirements that would prevent it from running in most systems newer than a 486 machine.
Demand for these much older adapters is almost non-existent.