Digi PN: 50000193 REV: M - ISA Bus

After searching high and low I cannot find anywhere that sells an older model Digiboard with the PN: 50000193 REV:M ISA Bus. This specific card is needed for a MS-DOS application. But, if anyone knows of a decent replacement (I’ve already tried the Classicboard and new Acceleport 8e) where the memory settings can be adjusted via dip switches on the card that would be EXCELLENT! Any ideas from the experts? Thanks in advance.

You may want to consider trying the full length PC/X adapter. It contains dip switch settings for each port. More information can be found here:


Thanks for the quick response. This solution looks promising. I have one concern though. The card I currently have is an “Intelligent” not “Non-Intelligent”. What difference does that make (if any?). Still open for more suggestions.

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I’m wondering if you have been trying to locate the adapter by using the manufacturing part number 50000193 rather than the retail package part number of 77000037.
If this is true, you should be able to buy or order 77000037 which is now known as the AccelePort 8e ISA adapter (formerly known as the PC/8e ISA adapter).
Switching from the intellegent to the non-intelligent adapter may or may not make a difference to your application. I would stay with what works. If you can’t find 77000037 anywhere else, I’m sure you can order it directly from Digi.

No, I wasn’t aware of the retail package number. Great tip. As far as trying the AccelePort 8e, I already did and it wouldn’t function properly. As far as I could get with Digi Phone Support was that my application allocates memory in different sized blocks that is not in accordance with the way newer Digi Cards handle memory. Since I have no access to the software source (nor would I know what to do if I did have access) there’s no settings on the card that can be changed to accomodate the software.

Sorry, I thought you were looking for a new adapter part number 50000193. However, if you absolutely need the very old version of the adaper (REV M), you will not find it sold anywhere today, at least not new. The retail part number I provided is for the AccelePort 8e you currently have which does not work for you.

NP. I know I can’t find this card new anywhere, but I was looking into surplus electronic outlets and the like. No luck yet. Thanks for all the suggestions!