802.15.4 with series 2

i have ordered series 2 modules because my distributor only had series2 modules. but i want to do 802.15.4 MAC communication. can i downgrade the firmware to the series 1 version? i already tried to flash the old XB24 firmware with x-ctu but it gives me an error…

No, the hardware on the series 1 and series 2 modules are different. They cannot be changed with firmware.

You must still use a coordinator and at least one router or end device to create a simple network. With just two modules, the communication will still work similarly to 802.15.4, but some latency will be added.

Thats bad. Because i need the plain 802.15.4 communication to talk to other devices wich are not compatible with zigbee or znet. Is there a nother way to enable plain 802.15.4 mode on the series2 modules?

Unfortunately not. The only real option you have here would be to create two separate networks using different protocols which require two different modules.

On the plus side, the 802.15.4 and the ZigBee modules are pin compatible and can be used with the same hardware, so you would only need to develop for one hardware platform.