802.15.4 and zigbee help


I don’t understand much of zigbee/802.15.4, I will buy modules xbee pro series 2. How can I put a stack of Zigbee in module? meeting where the firmware for the zigbee and the 802.15.4?


The radios will come loaded with the ZigBee Stack already on it. The XBee series 1 is an 802.15.4 device only. The XBee Series 2 uses the ZigBee protocol only. The radios should be ordered as either XBee 802.15.4 or XBee ZNET 2.5 depending on if you wish to use 802.15.4 or ZigBee.

If I want to use Xbee series 2 can only use the Zigbee stack? So I have to pay the license? I want to build a network tree, which stacks and modules should I use? I am a bit lost!


The ZNet 2.5 (i.e. series 2) modules will already have zigbee loaded on them in the form of firmware, which is actually the proprietary “stack” or application. There’s no additional license to purchase.

As far as which to use, if you need point to point, or point to multi-point, 802.15.4 (series 1) would be your best choice for the nodes in your wireless network. If you need the addition of routers for a fully developed mesh network, you’ll want to use ZNet 2.5.