Ability to get locally routing/neighbor tables using ZDO commands


I have a platform that uses XBee Pro s2b in API mode for sending/receiving packets.

I would like to retain locally at each node, XBee’s routing (for nodes acting as routers) and neighbor table (for both routers and end-devices).

I know that there is the ability to get a remote’s routing and neighbor tables by sending the respective ZDO command (Management LQI Request or Management Routing Table Request) through the Explicit Address Request frame.

Q: Do I have the ability to send this frame locally to the XBee module (by setting the destination address equal to the XBee’s 64-bit address) or this is invalid?
At least, is there another way to get the information I need (always in a “local” manner)?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can get that data by doing exactly what you want. That is to use the explicit frames and issue it to the local nodes 64 bit address. Just note that some of these function are not functioning properly in the ZigBee stacks and will not provide you with the information you are looking for. For this to really work you need to use the XBee SMT ZB modules.

I am building a application that every node needs to know who are its parent and children. When I issue to the local node a ZDO request (Management LQI Request) I always get the value 0x3 (0x3 – None of the above) to the relationship with the neighbors. When I issue the request to a remote node I get the right value. I am using the S2 series. Why are this happening?

This is an issue within the Ember stack for the EM250 processor. Something that Ember never fixed.