About API mode data frame?

Hi, guys
Is possible to put the float value in the API mode frame?
I saw the API library for the Arduino and mbed in API only use the uint8_t type for the payload, is another way to put the float value in API mode?

Assuming you mean the TX and RX frames, you can put anything you like into the data part as far as the frame goes. If the API you’re using doesn’t directly support float you could transmit the number one ASCII byte per digit (simple but inefficient), or if you’re writing in C or C++ you could use a union like this:

union {
  float f;
  uint_8[4] b;
} myconverter;

myconverter.f = a_float_value;
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
  add_to_frame(myconverter.b(i]); /**/

Note: in the line marked with /**/, the left parenthesis after myconverter.b should be a left square bracket. The forum software mangled it when I tried to type it that way.

Above code is untested, but should give the idea. The receiving code would similarly convert the received bytes back to a float value.