Sending data in API mode

I am using the transparent mode to send short signals lik “B2” or “1V.” I would like to send the same signals in API frames but cannot figure it out. I have referenced the series 2 manual because I couldn’t find much help in the series 1 manual but still can’t get anything to work. This is what I have tried

7E 00 14 10 01 00 13 A2 00 40 2D 17 19 FF FE 54 78 44 61 74 61 30 41

54…41 are for the data “TxData0A” it is longer than I plan on sending but it is the example from the series 2 documentation minus the things I believe are only applicable to mesh networking which I am not using.

I suspect there may be a more applicable API frame name but can’t find one referenced anywhere. Thanks in advance for the help.

The packet you’ve posted is invalid. The content length (0x14) doesn’t match the actual packet length. Is it possible that you’ve missed out the checksum byte? Either way, that packet will not get a response.